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Download today to get your very own AI digital assistant powered by OpenAI's most advanced Generative Pre-trained Transformer3 (GPT3) engine - the world's smartest AI!.

With a minimalist UI, and no and extraneous clutter, our Android app makes it a breeze to instantly interact with OpenAI's powerful ChatGPT3 model. It's easy to forget you're not talking with a real human, given the chatbot's superb command of nearly every language (human and machine)!

AI Assistant is an exceptionally powerful digital assistant, fact checker, encyclopedia, conversationalist, possibly even a friend, yet so much more! Your imagination is the limit for how you'll put your very own personal AI assistant to work for you: generating content, answering questions, asking advice, learning new things, entertaining, conversing...the sky is the limit.

We're supported in part by the Bitcoin community, and you can upgrade to remove all ads and remove prompt and response limits, by purchasing additional word counts (1sat/word) using any Lightning wallet within the app!

Our app provides you instant access to ChatGPT3, OpenAI's most advanced cloud AI model, via their API. It's totally free and anonymous to try, or login in to increase the functionality of your digital assistant.

We even used the AI to help write this page! :

Human: I'm developing an android app for users to use OpenAI's chatGPT3. Please generate an enticing Google Play store listing for the app.

AI: Get ready to be amazed and experience the power of artificial intelligence with our new chat app! With ChatGPT3 from OpenAI, you can have deep, engaging conversations with a virtual assistant that feels just like a real person. Whether you're looking for advice, want to learn something new, or just want someone to talk to, ChatGPT3 has you covered. Try it out now and see how ChatGPT3 can enhance your daily life!

Contextual, knowledgeable, natural understanding

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Human: List ChatGPT3's most powerful abilities that set it apart from other AIs.

AI: 1. Context Awareness: ChatGPT3 has power abilities to interpret context, which gives it a power to understand interacting with users more naturally.

2. Natural Language Understanding: ChatGPT3 understands natural language and can take part in conversations with a level of sophistication that surpasses other AI-based systems.

3. Knowledge Base: ChatGPT3 accesses a powerful knowledge base and can quickly provide the right answers to users by drawing on this vast resource.

4. Adaptability: ChatGPT3 is highly adaptive and can continuously adjust and re-train, enabling it to keep pace with changing customer preferences and requests

5. Multi-Skill Coverage: ChatGPT3 covers multiple tasks and use cases, enabling it to provide support and assistance for a wide range of topics.

Intelligent, powerful, easy to use

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Human: I'm writing a website to promote an Android version of ChatGPT3. Describe in bullet point form your powerful features.

AI: - Easy to use, intuitive interface suitable for any level of user
- Nature language processing for greater accuracy and faster responses
- Customizable settings to adjust responses and difficulty levels
- Interact using text or voice commands
- Virtual agents for personalized one-to-one AI conversations
- Robust analytics to measure performance and effectiveness of your AI
- Access to a large library of pre-trained models for quicker start-ups
- Secure data storage to ensure complete confidentiality of your conversations

***Notice: This app is in no way affiliated with OpenAI; rather, we are a licensed subscriber to their ChatGPT3 AI model. All users must agree to our and OpenAI's Terms' of Use before using this app.***


  • Natural language processing
  • Context aware understanding
  • Personally interactive
  • Broadly knowledgeable
  • Adaptive multi-skilled
  • Secure and confidential

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